Law No. 131 of 14 July 2016, Conversion into a law, with modifications, of law decree No. 67 of 16 May 2016, concerning the extension of armed and police forces participation in international missions, development cooperation and support to rebuilding processes and initiatives from international organizations to consolidate peace and stabilization processes, as well as urgent safety measures. Extension of the deadline of legislative delegation. Entry into force: 16 July 2016.

G.U. 15 July 2016, No. 164

Decision of the Court of Cassation, V Criminal Section, No. 48001 of 14 July 2016

Questione giustizia

Law No. 115 of 16 June 2016, amendments to article 3 of the law No. 654 of 13 October 1975, on genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, as defined in article 6, 7, 8 of the Status of the International Criminal Court. Entry into force: 13 July 2016.

G.U. 28 June 2016, No.  149

Decision of the Court of Cassation, V Criminal Section, No. 23590 of 7 June 2016

Nel Rivista telematica di diritto

Order of the Court of Bari, I Civil Section, 1 June 2016

Decision of the First Assize Court of Milan No. 3 of 25 May 2016

Diritto penale contemporaneo

Decision of the Court of Cassation, United Sections, No. 15812 of 3 May 2016

Law No. 64 of 19 April 2016, Ratification and implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Federal Government of the Somali Republic on defence cooperation, done in Rome on 17 September 2013. Entry into force: 6 May 2016.

G.U. 5 May 2016, No. 104

Decision of the Court of Cassation, II Criminal Section, No. 15107 of 12 April 2016

Decision of the Judge for preliminary hearings of the Court of Milan No. 598 of 23 February 2016