Order of the Court of Brescia 5 October 2015

Order of the Court of Bergamo 16 August 2015

Law No. 95 of 18 June 2015, Ratification and implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of the United States of America aimed at improving international tax compliance and applying F.A.T.C.A. (Foreign Account Tax Compliance) legislation, with Attachments, done in Rome on 10 January 2014, as well as provisions concerning the obligations of the Italian financial institutions for the implementation of the automatic exchange of information arising from the aforementioned Agreement and agreements between Italy and other foreign States. Entry into force: 8 July 2015

G.U. 7 July 2015, No. 155

Decision of the Court of Alessandria No. 277 of 17 June 2015

Decision of the Constitutional Court No. 119 of 13 May 2015

G.U. 1 July 2015 No. 26

Law No. 62 of 7 May 2015, Norms on special tax regime in connection to relations with Taiwan territory. Entry into force: 31 May 2015

G.U. 16 May 2015, No. 112

Law No.43 of 17 April 17 2015, Conversion into law, with amendments, of law decree No 7 of 18 February 2015, Urgent measures for the fight against terrorism, including international terrorism, as well as extension of the international missions of the armed and police Forces, cooperation initiatives for development and for support to reconstruction processes and participation in initiatives of international Organizations for the consolidation of peace and stabilization processes. Entry into force: 21 April 2015. Text of law decree No. 7/2015 as modified by law No. 43/2015

G.U. 20 April 2015, No. 91

Decision of the Court of Appeal of Milan, Labor Section, No. 110 of 28 January 2015

Decision of the Constitutional Court No. 22 of 27 January 2015

G.U. 4 March 2015 No. 9

Order of the Court of Trieste, Labor Section, 17 December 2014