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Legislative decree No. 70 of 15 May 2017, Redefinition of the discipline of direct contributions to the publishing of newspapers and periodicals, according to Article 2.1 and 2 of law No. 198 of 26 October 2016. Entry into force: 13 June 2017

G.U. 29 May 2017, No. 123

Law No. 198 of 26 October 2016, Establishment of the Fund for information pluralism and innovation and delegation to the Government for the redefinition of the discipline of public support for the publishing sector and local radio and television broadcasting, the regulation of pensioner profiles of journalists and of the composition and the responsibilities of the National Council of the Order of Journalists. Procedure for awarding the public radio, television and multimedia service. Entry into force : 15 November 2016

G.U. 31 October 2016, No. 255

Council of Europe, Decision on the application by Italy of the European Court of Human Rights’ judgments on case Centro Europa 7 s.r.l. et Di Stefano v. Italy of 7 June 2012, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 5 June 2014 at the 1201st meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies, CM/Del/OJ/DH(2014)1201/11, 6 June 2014

Decision of the Court of Cassation, VI Criminal Section, No. 31735 of 15 April 2014

Decision of the Court of Cassation, V Criminal Section, No. 12203 of 11 December 2013, filed on 13 March 2014

Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE), Questionnaire for the preparation of the CCPE Opinion No. 8 on the relationship between prosecutors and media – Italy