Italy’s Views on a Treaty Banning the Production of Fissile Material for Nuclear Weapons or Other Nuclear Explosive Devices (following UN General Assembly resolution No. 67/53 of 4 January 2013)

The document is in furtherance of paragraph 2 of resolution 67/53 (A/RES/67/53), by which the UN General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to seek the views of Member States on a treaty banning the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices, including possible aspects thereof, and to submit a report on the subject to the General Assembly at its sixty-eighth session. According to Italy’s views, substantive discussion on the treaty should address five issues: the definitions of fissile materials, the verification, the nuclear fuel used by four nuclear weapon States for naval vessels, the decommissioning or conversion of nuclear weapons’ production facilities, and the stockpiles.