Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers, Resolution CM/ResChS(2017)3, Associazione Nazionale Giudici di Pace v. Italy (Complaint No. 102/2013), 5 April 2017

With the Resolution on the follow-up of the decision adopted by the Committee of social rights on the Complaint No. 102/2013, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe took note of the declarations of the Italian Government concerning the legal measures being approved. The Committee undertook to verify these measures’ implementation and progress in the context of evauating the next Italian report. On 17 January 2017, the Italian Government, in fact, had announced the launch of a profound reform of the honorary judiciary, which provides, in particular measures with regard to the issues dealt with by the decision of the European Committee of Social Rights. These issues include: the replacement of the “piece by piece” remuneration with a fixed honorary, with the aim of reducing the weekly commitment of the justices of the peace; developing objective and impartial criteria for the determination of their economic treatment; the introduction of a selection process based on actual and certified skills, with a subsequent two-year internship; the recognition of the right to paid leave and maternity leave, as well as the right to access to a social security system, through the forensic fund or the INPS separate management (“gestione separata”).

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    European Committee of Social Rights, Decision on the merits, Associazione Nazionale Giudici di Pace v. Italy (Complaint No. 102/2013) (Publicity: 16 November 2016)

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