Committee on the Rights of the Child, Combined fifth and sixth periodic reports submitted by Italy under article 44 of the Convention, due in 2017, CRC/C/ITA/5-6, 5 July 2017

In 2017, Italy forwarded its combined V and VI Report on the implementation of the Convention to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, illustrating the normative novelties and policies in favor of children and adolescents in Italy in the period 2008–2016. Among the issues dealt with, the implementation and monitoring of the IV National Plan of actions and interventions for the protection of the rights and the development of children and adolescents, the description of the national bodies and their competences in the field of the protection of minors, the information and training campaigns on the Convention. Following, the description of the normative and political measures adopted in accordance with the general principles of the Convention, such as those on the principle of ‘best interest’ in the law in matter of recognition of natural children (law No. 219/2012). Italy adopted certain measures in the light of the Concluding observations of the Committee on the Italian previous Report, such as those to prevent discrimination against Roma children, children with disabilities and gender-based, as well as the systematic treatment of the relevant rights and freedoms recognized in the Convention.