Relevant documents

Order of the Assize Court of Palermo, 9 October 2014

Decision of the Court of Varese, 8 October 2014

Decision of the Constitutional Court No. 235 of 6 October 2014

G.U. 22 October 2014 No. 44

Law No. 115 of the 3 October 2014, Ratification and Implementation of Agreement between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of the Republic of South Africa concerning Police cooperation, done at Cape Town on 17 April 2012. Entry into force: 30 October 2014

G.U. 29 October 2014, No. 252

Law No. 150 of 3 October 2014. Ratification and implementation of the Additional Protocol and Exchange of Letters concerning modification of the Convention between Luxembourg and Italy for the avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income and for the prevention of fiscal evasion, with Protocol, of 3 June 1981, done at Luxembourg on 21 June 2012. Entered into force: 25 October 2014

G.U. 24 October 2014, No. 248

Law No. 152 of 3 October 2014, Ratification and Implementation of the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, done at New York on 10 December 2008. Entry into force: 26 October 2014

G.U. 25 October 2014, No. 249

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), UNHCR Recommendations on the Relevant Aspects of the Protection of Statelessness Persons in Italy, October 2014

Law No. 141 of 1 October 2014. Conversion into law, with amendments, of law decree No. 109 of 1 August 2014, concerning the extension of international missions of armed and police Forces, initiatives for development cooperation and support to reconstruction and participation in initiatives by international organizations for consolidating peace and stability processes, and provisions on renewal of the foreign italian Committees. Entered into force: 4 October 2014. Text of law decree No. 109/2014 as modified by law No. 141/2014.

G.U. 3 October 2014,  No. 23

Order of the Council of State, VI Section, No. 7566 of 30 September 2014

Decree of the Surveillance Judge of Alessandria 26 September 2014