Decision of the Regional Administrative Court for Lombardia, IV Section, No. 1428 of 14 May 2014

With decision No. 1428/2014, the Regional Administrative Court for Lombardia annulled the refusal of the renewal of a residence permit for study and an order of revocation of the same residence permit decided by the competent administrative authority against a foreign woman, who irregularly entered in Italy. The contested measures were based on a previous order of expulsion issued by the Prefect of Milan. For the Regional Administrative Court, these measures were not justified, however; and this because they had been taken without considering the changes meanwhile occurred in the situation of the applicant. Since 2009, she had benefited of a regular residence permit to stay in Italy, where she had successfully attending courses at University, had worked, and had demonstrated her will and ability of participating in the community life. On these grounds, the Regional Administrative Court annulled also the earlier order of expulsion against the applicant.

  • Original language: Italiano