Council of Europe, Decision on the application by Italy of the European Court of Human Rights’ judgments on cases Torreggiani and others v. Italy of 8 January 2013 and Sulejmanovic v. Italy of 16 July 2009, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 5 June 2014 at the 1201st meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies, CM/Del/OJ/DH(2014)1201/10, 6 June 2014

The decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe refers to the application by Italy of the pilot judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on the Torreggiani case (8 January 2013) and the judgment on the Sulejmanovic case (16 July 2009). Italy achieved significant results, in particular a continuing drop of the prison population and an increase of the space of at least three square meters per detainee, having adopted structural measures to reduce prison overcrowding. The Committee of Ministers welcomed the reduction of the prison population within the deadline set by the European Court’s pilot judgment. The Committee received information concerning the project of a law decree for compensation purposes, in which reduction of sentence or pecuniary compensation are provided to the benefit of detainees damaged by prison overcrowding. The cases will be reviewed by the Committee in June 2015.

  • See also:

    Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights, II Section, 8 January 2013, Torreggiani and others v. Italy

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